A ciforth system consists of exactly two files: the program, and the library. Plus a gigantic amount of pluriform documentation, but we leave that for now. Installing is done with a command like

wina -i c:\forths\ciforth\wina.exe c:\forths\ciforth\forth.lab

The command is one line. the option -i instructs ciforth to install both files at an exact path. wina is the windows version of ciforth. The crux is that the knowledge where the library file is, is burned into wina.exe, such that there is no need to store in a registry or in an environment variable. Desinstallation is left as an exercise. Clue: no handling of the registry is needed.

There is a third parameter but it is optional. That is the command interpreter used in the SYSTEM command. The easiest and safest way is to leave that to the operating system, so use %comspec% in Windows and $SHELL under Linux.

N.B. This command is understood by any ciforth that is properly installed and of course from an unpacking directory.