Thinking Forth project Thinking Forth captures the philosophy of the language to show users how to write more readable, better maintainable applications. This project makes the book available in electronic form (LaTeX and PDF)

FIG UK Forth Interest Group UK: Yahoo group

Forth Freaks Wiki Hoofdpagina

Forth Freaks Wiki ByteForth pagina

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Hobby Computer Club (HCC).

FIG Forth Users Group U.K. "The United Kingdom Forth Interest Group is a chapter of the Forth Interest Group, an international organization devoted to the furtherance of the Forth computer language."

Duitse Forth Homepage.

Russische Forth Homepage.

Taiwanese Forth Homepage.

Marcel Hendrix's home-page about Forth, iForth, transputer tForth and MIDI.

Albert van der Horst´s pagina over een 32 bits forth voor stand alone, DOS, Intel 386 Linux and Alpha Linux

Albert Nijhof's homepage

Leo Wong's homepage about Forth, textprocessors Ink and Wink with Forth source, gospels, stories and Christ, Forth source of Sokoban and Life games, Forth tutorial.

FORTH Inc. -- Forth software tools and services for 25 years!

Evolution of Forth. A very interesting story about the beginning of Forth and how Charles Moore invented the language.

ShBoom chip The ShBoom microprocessor, die door Patriot Scientific wordt gefabriceerd, is ontworpen door Chuck Moore

The Journal of FORTH Application and Research institute for applied forth research.

Jack Woehrs Forth Page contains links to free Jaxforth compiler, corrections to his book "ANS Forth the new model".

Jax Woehr BBS

Home of the 4tH compiler.

Stack Computers & Forth. Philips Koopmans homepage. He wrote a book "Stack computers". Many links to other Forth related pages.

An Introduction to Forth, by J. Kevin McFadden.

The Forth Research Page.

Institute for Applied Forth Research -- Journal of Forth Application and Research, Peter Knaggs.

Forth Bibliography -- search engine to search online bibliography.

Forth Research at Institut für Computersprachen and related topics, such as stack-based languages (PostScript, JavaVM), threaded-code interpreters, and stack machines.

Bernd Paysan homepage -- The 4stack Processor, Gforth, bigFORTH+MINOS, Why do I use Forth?, My collection of Forth one-screeners.

MPE ltd. in United Kingdom is Microprocessor Engineering Limited "More real, Less time", een bedrijf dat Forthcompilers verkoopt en Forth gebruikt in embedded toepassingen. "MicroProcessor Engineering specialises in real time and embedded systems. MPE provides tools for the complete development cycle including hardware, software and firmware. These products operate on a large range of embedded targets."

bigFORTH+MINOS. "bigFORTH is a native code Forth. bigFORTH is available for Linux and Windows 95/98/NT in pre-beta-test. This version is available under GPL. The most striking new feature is the graphical user interface MINOS and the form editor Theseus. " "MINOS is a graphic user interface (GUI) for X, written for bigFORTH-Linux and bigFORTH-Win32. It includes a rapid GUI developement editor (Theseus)."

Skip Carters Taygeta software archive has free Forth compilers for many differents platforms.

Een CPU ontwerp klas die gegeven wordt door John Rible, ook een forther. CPU's worden hier ontworpen op zo'n moderne FPGA chip (Field Programmable Gate Array).

Over de ontwikkeling van EASYWRITER, een van de eerste wijd verspreide in Forth geschreven tekstverwerkers.

Ultra Technology

Forth vanaf de grond AVR-Forth door Ron Minke