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SVFIG Meeting, Forth Day.

This meeting is held on saturday november 19, 2016

The meeting may be followed live on YouTube on this address:

SVFIG meeting livestream on YouTube
More info on the lectures

This is the preliminary program:

DurationStart TimeTitle --- Speaker
0:308:00Coffee and a chat
0:058:30Chairman's Welcome --- George Perry
0:108:35Technical Archeology Or Why I Like Paper --- Bill Ragsdale
0:208:45Gforth Under RTEMS --- John Harbold
0:209:05The Evolution of the Forth Engine --- C.H. Ting
0:209:25gelFORTH - Interactive Hardware Design --- Andreas Wagner
0:309:45Spreadsheet Forth --- Joseph O'Connor
0:1010:15Break --- Order Lunch
0:3010:25Adding an SNMP Agent to a SwiftForth Application --- Leon Wagner
0:1810:55Back; and Forth Across the Pond --- Ken Boak
0:1811:13An Open Source Toolchain--- James Bowman
0:0511:31eForth 1.0 on Kestrel-3 - it works! --- Samuel A. Falvo II
0:3011:36Defining Defining Words, A New Old Syntax --- Bill Ragsdale
1:0015:36Chuck Moore Fireside Chat

There is a beta version of ciforth available for ARMV7.

19 okt. 2016 by Willem

ciarm.lina, beta-versie ciforth for ARMV7 compatible processors and English documentation in HTML, info and man page. This lina version should work on BeagleBone Black under Ángström linux. On RaspberryPi under Raspbian linux and Android tablets with the old 'GnuRoot' and 'Hackers keyboard' apps.

noForth & the 'Egel project are available on Bitbucket

Updated 6 okt. 2016 by Willem

The HCC!Forth Interest Group is proud to announce:

noForth is a 16-bit stand-alone Forth for MSP430
Note that, updates and new releases are published there regularly!

Authors: Albert Nijhof & Willem Ouwerkerk

The Bitbucket repository contains the noForth source code, binaries, documentation, and examples.

The 'Egel hardware projects can be found at:
Egel project website

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